Rabbits @ UVic



July 18, 2011

The University of Victoria officially declared the campus to be rabbit-free in spring 2011.

Previously, through permits granted by the Province of BC to community organizations, the university arranged for the removal of more than 900 rabbits from campus to sanctuaries. By agreement, the permit holders arranged to have all of these rabbits sterilized.

UVic wishes to acknowledge all of the volunteers, veterinarians, Province of BC staff, and especially the permit holders for their tremendous efforts to make this initiative such a success.

Any abandoned pet rabbits released on campus in the future will be humanely trapped and killed.

The Earth Animal Rights Society is providing ongoing care to the more than 600 feral rabbits it relocated from the UVic campus to a Vancouver Island sanctuary. You can contact EARS through its website.

UVic will continue to support the BCSPCA in its attempt to encourage area municipalities to adopt by-laws prohibiting the sale of non-sterilized rabbits and the abandonment of pet rabbits.