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Date: January 23, 2004

Medieval Heroes Come to Life at UVic

How is it that the grand heroic figures of ages past—Beowulf, Arthur, Tamerlane and Joan of Arc—continue to haunt us today?

Learn about these mythical beings and larger-than-life individuals who populate our past, both real and imaginative, with noble thought and valorous deeds, at the 17th annual medieval workshop “Heroes and Heroines in the Middle Ages” on Saturday, Feb 7, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the David Lam auditorium (MacLaurin A144).

“Heroism is always important,” says Dr. John Tucker of UVic’s English department. “We ordinary folk have a constant need for heroic stories, for they carry us beyond the daily-ness of our lives and they model uncomfortable virtues for us.”

Sponsored by UVic’s division of continuing studies and medieval studies department, “the workshop will bring together a uniquely learned but unstuffy bunch of medievalists,” says Tucker. “We can look forward to a day as intellectually rewarding as it is challenging.”

Speakers include Tucker and Dr. Marcus Milwright (history in art), Dr. Tom Shippey of the University of St. Louis, Dr. Andrew Wawn of the University of Leeds, Dr. John Lindow of the University of California, Berkley and Dr. Elizabeth Archibald of the University of Bristol.

The fee for the workshop is $49.22 (including taxes). To register visit the continuing studies web site at www.uvcs.uvic.ca/reginfo.cfm.

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