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Date: February 28, 2013

UVic's Second Ideafest - March 4 - 15

Be beguiled, informed and challenged by more than 50 provocative presentations

Can video games really improve how we provide healthcare and education? Want to take a walk in Shakespeare’s shoes and see London from the Bard's point of view? How about English—should we be speaking one global language or is there still value in words needing translation between countries and cultures? Can religion and rights actually co-exist in liberal societies? And what's with our sudden fascination for all things zombie?

These are just a handful of big questions that the University of Victoria is asking during the second annual IdeaFest, on from March 4 to 15. You'll find thought-provoking, entertaining and invigorating ideas up for discussion in every corner of the campus. The free festival is an ideal opportunity for community members of all ages to have their curiosity piqued by researchers, scholars and artists working on the kind of ideas that really can change your perspective—and maybe even your world.

Events and activities for IdeaFest 2013 range from discussions and debates on the cultural dimensions of ecological governance, substance abuse, heart health and Indigenous models of community economy to PechaKuchas—think of a high-speed TED talk—and music and theatre performances.

The full program of more than 50 free events is available on a user-friendly calendar at www.uvic.ca/ideafest. The schedule scales to all mobile devices.

Here is a sample of what is on offer:

  • "Games Without Frontiers: the Social Power of Video Games." A gaming fair exploring the positive social impact of a technology not generally associated with education. March 9.
  • "International Symposium of Knowledge Democracy: Decolonizing the University through Community Partnerships." Topics including food security, citizen engagement, global environmental challenges and transforming the economy. March 5.
  • Mini film festival, showcasing several recent, award-winning student films. March 7.
  • "Lifestyle Cross-training: A Healthy Living Track to Cognitive Fitness." March 12.
  • "The Zombies in Alzheimer's Disease: Perceptions, Stigma and Care." March 13

Ideafest Invitation:

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