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Date: April 05, 2000

Climate Change, Seafood Impacts and Latest Science, Focus of Two Conferences at UVic

Warmer oceans, climate change and their consequences for seafood abundance and weather patterns will be on the table for two upcoming conferences on campus co-sponsored by the UVic Centre for Earth and Ocean Research.

THE SEAFOOD SUSTAINABILITY IN A CHANGING CLIMATE WORKSHOP (MAY 25-26) will focus on climate impacts on wild fisheries, salmon farming and shellfish aquaculture. Participants will include fishing industry leaders, climate researchers, policy makers, and coastal community representatives who will look for ways to mitigate climate-related threats to B.C. fisheries.

Among the speakers will be the Hon. John Fraser, chair of the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council, Dr. Andrew Weaver of the UVic Climate Modelling Group and Dr. Brad Hicks, V.P. of Taplow Feeds.

Agenda details can be found at www.cics.uvic.ca/workshop. The workshop is sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies, the Institute for Pacific Ocean Science & Technology, Coastal Zone Canada, B.C. Association and the Canadian Global Change Program.

CANADIAN METEOROLOGICAL AND OCEANOGRAPHIC SOCIETY CONGRESS (MAY 29-JUNE 2). Hundreds of Canadian and international scientists--along with members of the Victoria and Vancouver climate science community--will attend the 34th CMOS congress to discuss the role of the Pacific in climate and weather. Research results will be presented from studies of climate change, El Niņo/Southern Oscillation, Arctic and Antarctic Oscillation, as well as ocean observations and analysis.
Keynote speakers will present new techniques for ocean climate prediction, regional weather forecasting, and the interaction between ocean biology and climate variations.
CMOS is the major non-governmental body representing Canadian meteorologists, oceanographers and limnologists. Agenda information is at www.cccma.bc.ec.gc.ca/cmos2000/.

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