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Date: July 17, 2000

Workshops Add New Dimension To Campus Tour During UVic's New Student Orientation Program

New University of Victoria students will learn more about the campus and how to become connected during this year's New Student Orientation Program. Students can tailor Orientation to meet their own needs by selecting two workshops that interest them as part of their campus tour.

Workshops include:

Start the semester off on the right foot! Learn skills that are important for success at University by taking part in a workshop that will cover a selection of skills: time management, note making, problem solving and reading effectively.

The relationship between students, professors and teaching assistants (TAs) can be a hard one to decipher. Take part in this interactive session that will help you figure out what your professors or TA's expect of you and what you should expect from them.

We're going to talk about money: how to get it and how to keep it! As a student, you'll make plenty of budgeting decisions: how much time to allot to studying or to your family and friends and how you'll spend your money throughout the year. Join us for some useful budgeting tips and the opportunity to improve your financial savvy.

So you think being at university is just about studying and getting good grades? Being a student means more than that. Discover the different ways to get involved on campus: from recreation and intramural games, clubs and course unions to student activism. Find out where you can become involved and get connected!


Need money to help pay the rent or want to gain career-related experience? Learn about the various services and employment programs available to you at UVic that will help you get a part time job on or off campus, a summer job when you need it, explore career options and develop work search skills needed to succeed in today's labour market.

Calendar of Events

September 1
Student Links Scavenger Hunt on City Buses

September 2
New Student Orientation

  • Welcome
  • Workshops
  • Campus Tour
  • Campus Issues Theatre

Parent Orientation Program

  • Welcome
  • Insights and Answers to Parents' Questions with UVic Counsellor
  • Information Forum
  • Campus Tours
September 3
Front of the Line Program
(Exclusive Access to UVic Services)
Welcoming BBQ
Sleeping Bag Drive-in

September 4
International Student Welcome
Day-off Excursions

September 5
Reality Strikes
Mature and Transfer Student Drop-in Coffeehouse
President's BBQ

September 7, 8
Fiesta Siesta (Craft Market)

September 6, 7, 8
Wired Campus
Library Tours

New UVic students who would like to participate in the Orientation Program may register on-line at: http://www.coun.uvic.ca/orient
Media contacts:
Susan Corner, Student Affairs Officer
Student & Ancillary Services
Phone: (250) 472-4678 Fax: (250) 721-6610
Email: scorner@uvic.ca

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