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Date: December 16, 2004

UVic Employees Acknowledged for Exceptional Contributions

Expertise database teamExpertise database team Three individuals and a fourteen-member team have won the third annual President’s Distinguished Service Awards at UVic. The awards were created in 2002 to recognize the hard work and dedication of UVic staff members.

Employees are nominated in two categories—the Award for Distinguished Service and the Team Award for Innovation. The winners are:

Dr. Dave Berry has been at UVic for over 27 years, and his work as a senior laboratory instructor in the chemistry department has forged an important link between teaching and research. Additionally, he has undertaken a student advocacy role as associate director of teaching assistant development in the learning and teaching centre. “David continues to seek new and innovative ways to improve his programs,” says master’s candidate Kristin Atwood. “His adherence to the notion of having peers teach peers demonstrates his respect for graduate student skills.”

Roger John, aboriginal student advisor in the faculty of human and social development, combines advocacy, moral support, referrals, academic advising and supportive counseling to create a sense of community for aboriginal students. “It is no exaggeration, I believe, to say that Roger John is playing a historic part in terms of moving our university forward, in a genuine and sustained fashion,” says Dr. Michael Prince, acting dean of human and social development.

Darlene Pouliot, administrative assistant in the department of history in art and a UVic employee for 19 years, is considered the nerve centre of the department. Pouliot’s proficiency and grasp of university policy and procedure impresses co-workers and students alike. Throughout her day she helps with everything from the most complex procedural matter to a blown light bulb. “Darlene performs her duties with outstanding competence, efficiency, dedication, cheerfulness, and generosity,” says one of her nominators.

The team award recognizes a team or group for innovations that improve an educational, administrative or organizational process. The award goes to the expertise data base group. These 14 people put their collective heads together to streamline access to UVic’s research expertise. Truly an interdisciplinary team, the group brought together minds from many departments to develop and implement an on-line database that taps into university knowledge.
“With this resource, faculty can look for collaborators, administrators can locate expert committee members, and industrialists can find new partners,” says Dr. Richard Keeler, associate vice-president, research. “Prospective graduate students can also search for potential supervisors and the general public can explore the depth and breadth of research at the university.”
The group consists of Allan Berezny (development), Nieves Forcada (research), Alyssa Grace (development), Rogier Gruys (communications), Patricia Maedel (vice-president academic and provost office), Jane Mertz (research), Katy Nelson (library), Janine Olariu (research), Beth Rea (research), Garry Sagert (software development), Corey Scholefield (computing services), Sabine Schuerholz-Lehr (international affairs), Morven Wilson (computing and systems services) and David Wolowicz (communications).
“The expertise data base group is a wonderful example of how administrative staff across several units are dedicated to the efficient and effective operation of UVic,” says Keeler.
The expertise database can be accessed through the research link on the UVic home page, or by visiting uvic.ca/experts

This year, the selection committee received 60 nominations for the Award for Distinguished Service and 13 nominations for the Team Award for Innovation. Each recipient received a plaque during a ceremony held on campus.

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