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Date: August 03, 2005

Explore Space and Other Frontiers

The new fall 2005 University of Victoria Continuing Studies calendar contains courses to expand the intellect, and enhance both personal and professional growth. There are more than 50 new courses this fall, including:

An Introduction to Space. Space exploration is back in the news again. Take a refresher course from an instructor who has been associated with NASA for 25 years. Learn about zero gravity and the basic design aspects of satellites and unmanned spacecraft.

Making Personal Change Stick.
Research shows that people who want to successfully alter patterns or habits in their lives should follow specific steps, supported by a combination of strategies. This course is experiential, prescriptive, interactive, and focused on specific habit change.

How to Be a Better Critical Thinker.
Psychologists can tell us how we think but philosophers can tell us how to reason. Sharpen your own critical thinking skills by understanding and practicing the rules of reasoning. No more non-sequiturs and self-contradiction!

Continuing studies programs and courses are for the career minded and the curious, and are designed to be flexible to suit any schedule, with non-credit courses, study groups and seminars, diploma and certificate programs, educational study tours, independent study materials, and distance education. They meet the unique education needs of the university’s local, regional and international communities.

Courses are held at the UVic campus, at UVic Downtown (910 Government St.), and at Dunsmuir Lodge. Calendars are available online at www.continuingstudies.uvic.ca or from the Continuing Studies Building at UVic. They are also obtainable from regional public libraries and recreation centres. Registration via the web (credit card payments only) at www.uvcs.uvic.ca/reginfo.aspx, by phone at (250) 472-4747 or by faxing the registration form on page 5 of the calendar. Walk-in registration is also available at the Continuing Studies Building (from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday) or at UVic Downtown (from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday to Friday).
Media contacts:
Michael Turner (Continuing Studies) at (250) 721-8460 or mturner@uvcs.uvic.ca
Maria Lironi (UVic Communications) at (250) 721-6139 or lironim@uvic.ca

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