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Date: September 07, 2005

Conference Examines Self-Management of Health

Patients are increasingly taking control of their own health, a trend recognized as an emerging health care issue. From Sept. 12 to 14 the diverse partners involved in the health care system will gather at the Victoria Conference Centre for an international conference on the many aspects of patient self-management. “New Perspectives,” co-chaired by UVic’s Centre on Aging and B.C.’s Ministry of Health, in association with the Healthy Heart Society of B.C., will bring together teams of professionals from all over the world. Participants include physicians, researchers, community groups, employers and individuals and their families.

“Effective patient self-management creates greater confidence in patient’s, allowing them to problem-solve, set goals and manage their conditions by working with their health care professionals,” says Dr. Patrick McGowan of UVic’s Centre on Aging. “An informed patient is often a healthier patient.”

Patient self management encompasses the tasks that individuals must undertake to live well with one or more chronic conditions—including dealing with health care providers, managing their own emotional response to their conditions, and defining their role in their care. To assist, health care staff should provide support to increase the patients’ skills and confidence in managing their health problems.

Conference sessions are open only to delegates, but members of the public are welcome to attend a free lecture “You Can Do It: How Taking Charge of Your Health Can Change Your Life,” by Canadian-born Stanford University professor Dr. Albert Bandura on Sept. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Carson Hall. Bandura is known for developing a school of thought where people are self-regulating, self-reflecting, self-organizing and proactive, not simply reactive people who are shaped by forces of the environment or driven by concealed inner impulses. Seating for this lecture is limited and is on a first come basis.

For further information, including the full conference program and conference registration, please visit www.newperspectivesconf.com or call conference planner Karen Ivand at (250) 652-5568 or email npconf@bayhousegroup.com.
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