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Date: April 25, 2007

UVic Salutes its Research Stars of 2007

A protein chemist, two organic chemists, a climatologist, and an interdisciplinary team of more than 70 people are winners of the 2007 Craigdarroch Research Awards, which honour research excellence at the University of Victoria.

“These awards demonstrate the remarkable talent and diversity of our researchers,” says Dr. Martin Taylor, UVic’s vice-president research. “Whether they’re working in a laboratory, partnering with communities, or advising national and international policy-makers, their research is advancing knowledge and contributing to the betterment of our world.”

The 2007 Craigdarroch winners will receive their awards at a celebration tonight at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The winners are:

Dr. Robert Olafson
Craigdarroch Gold Medal for Career Achievement in Research
Bob Olafson has earned widespread recognition for his work in molecular parasitology. But his greatest legacy is the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre, which he established in 1982. The internationally acclaimed centre has made UVic a leader in the analysis of protein structure and function—vital to new advances in disease diagnostics and treatment.
Media contact: Bob Olafson (retired, Biochemistry & Microbiology) at 250-656-5976 or olafson@uvic.ca.

Dr. Cornelia Bohne

Craigdarroch Silver Medal for Excellence in Research
Described as one of the top chemists of her generation in Canada, Dr. Cornelia Bohne is a leading world expert in supramolecular chemistry—the study of large structures held together by forces other than chemical bonds. Her work is laying the groundwork for future advances in DNA, protein and drug research.
Media contact: Cornelia Bohne (Chemistry) at 250-721-7151 or bohne@uvic.ca

Coasts Under Stress project

Craigdarroch Award for Societal Contribution
Environmental, economic and social change have wreaked havoc on Canada’s coastal communities. The national Coasts Under Stress (CUS) project, co-led by UVic, has provided a solid foundation of research upon which real solutions are being built. More than 70 team members contributed in areas as diverse as traditional aquaculture, food security, resource management, fisheries and community health.
Media contact: Nancy Turner (Environmental Studies) at 250-721-6124 or nturner@uvic.ca.

Dr. Andrew Weaver
Craigdarroch Award for Research Communication
Studying the science of climate change and educating us all on its extent and impacts are the passions of Andrew Weaver, one of the world’s leading climatologists. Through his exceptional ability to communicate the science in plain language, he is influencing decision-makers and the public around the world.
Media contact: Andrew Weaver (Earth and Ocean Sciences) at 250-472-4006.

Dr. Tom Fyles

UVic Innovation and Development Corporation Entrepreneurship Award
Translating science into marketable solutions is the mantra of organic chemist Dr. Tom Fyles, who has been involved in the creation of several new sensor technologies with commercial potential. In 2004, he co-founded Sensific Technologies Inc., a UVic spin-off company that develops micro-sensors for measuring the chemical properties of solutions.
Media contact: Tom Fyles (Chemistry) at 250-380-1630, ext. 22 (a.m.) or 250-472-4687 (p.m.) or tmf@uvic.ca

Media contacts:
Valerie Shore (UVic Communications) at 250-721-7641 or vshore@uvic.ca

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