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Date: December 23, 2008

This Year, Make Friends With Mother Nature

Discover how to make small changes or big shifts in your relationships with food, nature and your community by attending new part-time continuing education courses at the University of Victoria.

“Where’s the Beef? Transitioning Safely to a Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle” (page 27). Whether your reasons are to eat healthier or reduce the impact on our environment, this course provides a practical approach to simplify the change and ensure you are getting the vitamins and nutrients your body requires. Sample recipes, cooking tips, supplements, age-group considerations, and the latest research will also be discussed.

“Community Mapping for Sustainable, Vibrant Communities” (page 42). Capture the power of place and the potential for change. This three-part fun and interactive workshop is taught by three members of the Common Ground Mapping project—a UVic led community partnership that has facilitated many community mapping and visioning projects from James Bay to Port Renfrew to the Highlands.

“Urban Homesteading” (page 42). As public concern over peak oil, climate change and food security grows, so does the movement to “re-localise” resources. This eight-week series of courses explores real possibilities for change right in your own backyard.

“Deep Ecology and Personal Connections with Nature” (page 42). Connect the philosophies that support the practice of Deep Ecology and its argument that solutions require a radical transformation of our worldview, not just reform of our personal and social practices.

These are just a few of the many courses featured in the new Continuing Studies calendar, which is online now at www.continuingstudies.uvic.ca. Printed copies are available at regional public libraries and recreation centres in the Victoria area. Register online at www.continuingstudies.uvic.ca, or by calling 250-472-4747, or in person at the continuing studies building on the UVic campus.


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