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February 07, 2000

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UVic HRDC Dollars To Good Use

Unaccounted federal human resources funds may be attracting big headlines, but the ministry money that makes it to UVic's campus is put to good use and achieves outstanding results. For three years Human Resources Development Canada has funded the youth employment program "Alumni Career Prospects" at UVic's student employment centre, in partnership with the university and the Alumni Association. It's offered six times a year to over 70 clients, all post-secondary graduates. Participants have the option of the career exploration program (three days over three weeks that provides focus for grads still unsure of a career choice) or the career search internship. In the latter, participants attend seven classroom sessions focusing on work search strategies that they put to use securing an eight-week unpaid internship. "The internship has to stand a good chance of turning into on-going employment for the grad and we've had a success rate of over 90 per cent, and these are great jobs," says student employment centre manager Jennifer Margison. "This program helps grads overcome that obstacle of trying to get work experience before landing that first post graduate position."   Media Contacts:
Jennifer Margison (student employment centre) at (250) 721-8418.

Is Haider Less Hitler and More Perot?

Austrian freedom party leader Joerg Haider may less a 'new Hitler' and more a renegade populist in the tradition of American politician Ross Perot. "Haider is successful in challenging Austria's two major parties. His election may be a populist protest to Austria's highly immobile party system, based on nationalistic and xenophobic sentiments," says Dr. Oliver Schmidtke, a German Academic Exchange Service professor who teaches in UVic's new European studies program.   Media Contacts:
Dr. Oliver Schmidtke (political science) at (250) 721-7490.

New Award Honours Elder Citizens

UVic's centre on aging wants to mark the international day of older persons with an annual award honouring an individual who has made significant contributions to humanity, society and the community. Recipients of the centre's Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA) will be recognized with a certificate and a plaque at the centre and will participate in a tree-planting ceremony on the university grounds.
To qualify for the award, the individual must have made an exemplary, voluntary contribution within the Capital Regional District for a minimum of 10 years. The individual need not currently be residing in the CRD, but posthumous awards will not be given.
The nomination process involves two stages. The first is the simple submission of a nomination form which includes the name of the individual who should be contacted for more detailed information should the nominee be selected for the second stage. First stage nominations must be submitted by March 1. The international day of older persons is October 1. For further information contact Lois Edgar at the centre at 721-6524.   Media Contacts:
Lois Edgar (centre on aging) at 721-6524.

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