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March 20, 2000

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Canada Unlikely to Meet Emission Reduction Goal - And That's OK

The federal government is being unjustly criticized for not implementing measures to reduce Canada's emissions fast enough to keep up with its pledge under the Kyoto accord, says UVic environmental economist Dr. Peter Kennedy. "It's likely the Kyoto goals will be relaxed or postponed and this is a sensible thing. Greenhouse gas emissions are a huge problem, but the economy can't adjust quickly enough to handle the reductions the protocol wants to achieve by 2008. I think the federal government has handled this reasonably well, though more work needs to be done in terms of putting a policy framework in place."
Federal environment minister David Anderson is expected to brief his provincial counterparts on the country's emission reduction policy at a meeting of environment ministers in Vancouver, March 16 to 28. Kennedy's research includes greenhouse gas reduction and emissions trading.
  Media Contacts:
Dr. Peter Kennedy (economics) at (250) 721-8530.

Academic Freedom, Past and Present

York University history professor (and 1963 Victoria College graduate) Dr. Michiel Horn says it's not an easy time for those who value academic freedom. He'll outline his perspectives in a talk later this week sponsored by the UVic Alumni Association.
"In an age of rampant, even triumphant, corporatism, the welfare of society depends on the availability of independent and disinterested analysis and comment," says Horn. "As well, academic freedom includes carrying out research for which there is no immediate commercial demand, teaching subjects that do not meet an obvious market need■functions carried out nowhere in society except within the universities."

"Academic Freedom, Past & Present"
Dr. Michiel Horn
Friday, 24 March 12:30 p.m.
Centre for Innovative Teaching, Room B105
  Media Contacts:
Nels Granewall (alumni affairs) at (250) 721-6255.

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