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June 22, 2000

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Harry Potter Produces Unprecedented Popularity

Never, not even in the days of Dr. Seuss, has the release of a children's novel caused such a stir as the impending arrival of J.K. Rowling's latest Harry Potter novel, says Bill Valgardson chair of UVic's writing department and author of five children's books.
Valgardson says that the Potter novels brilliantly tap into the child psyche by dealing with themes to which children can directly relate.
"Children dream of a day when they are in control and can make things right. They are great believers in fairness and around Harry Potter's age believe strongly in right and wrong," says Valgardson. "They are on the cusp of dealing with a world that is more complicated and they like the idea of being able to go beyond the boundaries of every day life. Harry Potter satisfies all of these desires."
Amazon.com says preorders for July 8th release of the children's novel has it set to be the biggest on-line bestseller of all time.
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