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June 23, 2000

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Youth Detention Bill Demands Close Scrutiny

Proposed provincial legislation allowing the detention of street youth needs a clear definition and strict monitoring if it's implemented, says Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater, chair of UVic's youth in society research unit.
"Kids make choices that lead them into a life on the street because often they are unsafe in their homes," says Leadbeater. "The idea of the legislation is to bring kids to a safe haven. As Youth's rights to freedom and consent to treatment are suspended, however, there must be a clear mechanism for regular review of their detention and plan of care, if it's going to be effective. The links to services that this safe haven period can provide must also be specified and funded."
The bill would give authorities the power to detain youth for up to 72 hours if they are thought to be at risk because of a life of drug abuse or prostitution. During that time an application can be made to detain the individual for a further 30 days.
Leadbeater's new book,
Growing Up Fast: Transitions to Early Adulthood for Inner City Adolescent Moms, will be released later this year.   Media Contacts:
Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater (psychology) can be reached at (250) 721-7523 or bleadbea@uvic.ca.

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