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August 23, 2000

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Sub Disaster Puts Corruption On World Stage

The recent sinking of a Russian submarine with the loss of its entire crew has brought long standing corruption within Russia's political and military systems to the world's attention, says political scientist Dr. Andrew Andersen. "The level of military training is dropping and corruption is increasing and, it appears as if the last thing the leaders of the country as well as military leaders care about is the lives of their service people," he says. Anderson adds that there is no proof to claims by Dmytro Korchynskyy, the head of the nationalist Ukrainian Political Association "Brotherhood" that the "Kursk" submarine was destroyed by an act of Chechen sabotage. Although he says, theoretically, Chechen freedom fighters could be involved in that type of sabotage. Andersen, who teaches international relations in Asia and conducts research on the arms race in Asia (Russia is considered a part of Asia) discounts Russian speculation that the submarine sank as the result of a collision with another vessel.   Media Contacts:
Dr. Andrew Andersen (political science) at (250) 370-9495.

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