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March 24, 2000

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Government's Response to Parks Strategy Insufficient

As long as Canadians continue to see their national parks as just a resource instead of a spiritual source, parks will continue to be exploited, degraded and destroyed, says Rick Searle, a UVic geography instructor. He is disappointed with the federal government's response to yesterday's report by the Panel on Ecological Integrity on the state of Canada's national parks. "[The response] fails to acknowledge the necessity for radical change. Instead, it presents a limited list of proposals, including many that are supposedly in place."
Searle is the author of a recently published book, Phantom Parks: The Struggle to Save Canada's National Parks, which advocates a fundamental change in the way humans perceive the wild and national parks. It's the result of three years of research during which Searle travelled to 27 of Canada's 39 national parks.
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