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October 26, 2004

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Hockey Withdrawal Symptoms Understandable

With hockey part of the Canadian psyche, it’s understandable why so many Canadians are experiencing withdrawal symptoms during the NHL lockout says UVic English professor Doug Beardsley. The author of two books examining the significance of hockey to Canadians and the presence of the sport in Canadian writing, Beardsley says, “Hockey is intrinsic to the nature of being Canadian. It has a great deal to do with repressing the dark side of ourselves. Canadians are known as peacekeepers, a nation of bankers; but we have this game where we allow mayhem to take place. The game is an external way of expressing a darker stream of our collective consciousness.”
        Beardsley is offering a second-year English course “Hockey Literature and the Canadian Psyche” in January. Drawing on three novels, collections of short-stories and non-fiction and a play—all by well-known Canadian writers—students will “attempt to articulate the deep hold that the game has on Canadians which has led to the shaping of the Canadian identity.” Just like hockey, each class will feature three ‘periods’ and students will be expected to write three essays to earn their grade.

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