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February 27, 2013

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Website Has BC Energy Issues Covered

From wind turbines to wave power, tailpipes to pipelines, debates over energy issues are raging across BC.

Answering the need for an easily accessible yet extensive collection of unbiased information about energy in BC, University of Victoria professor Michael Whiticar has put exhaustive research into creating a comprehensive online source of factual material about the province’s energy sources, uses and issues.

All information at the searchable website—www.energybc.ca—is drawn from citable material, with sources intricately referenced and painstaking effort put toward being complete, while maintaining objectivity.

“Despite so much information out there on complex energy issues, people in BC are looking for a trustworthy clearinghouse of information that is presented in an understandable manner,” says Whiticar, a professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences who spearheaded the website’s creation, with help researching, writing and editing the content from three UVic students—Andrew Farris, Charlotte Helston and Colin Etienne. “Our goal is offer an enjoyable, educational website that gives you the energy facts, but is not overly prescriptive or opinionated.”

The project covers topics from non-renewable to renewable energy sources, looking at the various sides of BC energy options and issues.

The website is designed to be an independent resource for members of the general public looking for energy-related information or pursuing more in-depth data and evidence on specific energy topics. The site is also aimed at providing useful context for journalists, politicians and academics, and Whiticar hopes to further develop the content into classroom resource modules for BC’s education system.


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