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November 28, 2012

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Prospective Teachers On Leading Edge Of Learning

The University of Victoria is at the forefront of getting new teachers prepared to provide education in 21st century schools.

An initiative with Reynolds Secondary School this semester gave 16 prospective secondary English teachers weekly opportunities to immerse themselves in school and classroom life, get mentoring from experienced teachers, and meet a range of educators in a variety of education contexts.

Most existing teacher education programs wait to give pre-service teachers in-class practicums. The Teaching Reynolds UVic Project attempts to better integrate the two primary learning spaces—the university and the classroom—by putting prospective teachers in the school in their first term to make immediate connections between theories of learning and practice, and better integrate the principles of 21st century teaching and learning into the UVic teacher education program.

Three Reynolds teachers were hired by UVic to collectively lead a teaching seminar course for the UVic learners, who also worked closely with four campus-based instructors, enabling them to observe different instructional methods, including ways technology can be used, assessment practices and collaborative approaches to learning and teaching.

Media advisory: Program co-ordinators and participants will hold a celebration of their experience Friday, Nov. 30 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Reynolds Secondary School. UVic students will showcase some of their learning and thoughts on the initiative.


  Media Contacts:

Dr. Kathy Sanford (Curriculum and Instruction) at 250-721-7804 or ksanford@uvic.ca
Mitch Wright (UVic Communications) at 250-721-6139 or mwwright@uvic.ca

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Another "Big Data" Jolt For Supercomputing

The University of Victoria is again plugged directly into some serious supercomputing action. An international team led by UVic, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the University of Michigan broke another high-energy physics record at the world’s premier Supercomputing conference, the SC2012 in Salt Lake City Nov. 12-16.

Last year, the SC2011 demo transferred the equivalent of five full-length movies per second. This year, the researchers nearly doubled that record, and transferred the equivalent of one million full-length movies per day (339 gigabits per second).

This achievement continues to help pave the way toward a future where massive quantities of physics data, such as from the UVic-ATLAS project and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, can travel anywhere around the world in a matter of hours.

For example, the recent LHC discovery related to the Higgs boson was made possible by a global network of computational and data-storage facilities that transferred more than 100 Petabytes (100 million Gigabytes) of data in the past year alone.

The network connection from Victoria to Salt Lake City was provided by CANARIE and BCNET, and equipment for the link to Victoria and in the UVic computing centre was provided by Ciena, Juniper, IBM and OCZ.

Caltech release: http://bit.ly/QgKOf9
UVic-produced video (2012 demo): http://bit.ly/V0zL8Q
UVic-produced video (SC2011 demo): http://bit.ly/YnkIut
More info on SC2011 demo: http://bit.ly/vOJAee
More info on LHC discovery: http://bit.ly/Lohhhl
Twitter: #SC12 #uvic @CERN


  Media Contacts:

Dr. Randall Sobie (UVic Physics & Astronomy; IPP Research Scientist) at rsobie@uvic.ca or 250-721-7733 for questions about supercomputing demo
Dr. Rob McPherson (UVic Physics & Astronomy/TRIUMF; IPP Research Scientist) at 604-723-2294 or rmcphers@uvic.ca for questions about LHC
Tara Sharpe (UVic Communications) at 250-721-6248 or tksharpe@uvic.ca

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UVic is celebrating its 50th anniversary from Sept. 2012 to June 2013. Visit www.uvic.ca/anniversary for more info.

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