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Laura Parisi
Associate Professor
Phone Number:(250) 472-4277
Languages: English
Women's Studies

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- Gender and international human rights
- International development
- Globalization studies
- Transnational activism
- Feminist methodology

Expertise Profile

If you look at who is the most poor in the world, it is women, whether they live in a developing country such as Zambia, or in Canada, says Dr. Laura Parisi.

Dr. Parisi is a women's studies professor and political scientist who studies gender and international human rights, international development, and globalization. She is working on two projects that examine the impact of current trends in international development policy on the achievement of gender equality.

The first, partnered with the Victoria International Development Education Association, looks at how changes in international development funding are affecting women's human rights organizations in southern Africa.

"Many human rights organizations in these countries have lost 70-80 per cent of their funding to do their projects, and some have actually closed," says Dr. Parisi.

Programs being impacted include those that support girls going to school, and those that promote an end to childhood marriage. Other long-term programs at risk include violence reduction and decreasing maternal mortality rates.

"In every country, including Canada, poverty is the biggest obstacle to achieving gender, racial and sexual equality," she says.

Dr. Parisi's second project looks at globally accepted strategies, or gender mainstreaming practices, for promoting gender equality. She looks at how the widespread policies of these practices influences or constrains those of human rights organizations around the world.

Dr. Parisi has worked with the UN as a researcher and activist, giving behind-the-scenes experience to her students who learn everything from activist skills to policy-making. Through her classes, they also get to understand where, as citizens, they fit into the economy and politics.

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Interdisciplinary Research

Dr. Parisi's work draws on research from political science, feminist theory, international law, economics, and methodology.

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Parisi takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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Dr. Parisi attends Commission on the Status of Women meetings at the United Nations.

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Dr. Parisi has lived in the United States and Italy.