University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada, Announcements
January 26, 2006

Student nominees sought for Senate & Board of Governors

Nominations are being sought for students who would like to contribute to the leadership of the University via membership in the UVic Senate and the UVic Board of Governors . The deadline to nominate a student for appointment to either group is February 3, 2006.

The quickest and simplest way to find out what the responsibilities and nomination processes are for both positions is to pick up a nomination package at the University Secretary's office (Room 410, Business & Economics building) phone the office at 721-8102 .

Online information:

University Senate (16 positions available):
The University Senate is the body that governs all academic matters for the university. They rule on matters such as programs, standards and course content. The senate is comprised of ten members, including 16 student representatives. Nominations are being sought for student representatives on Senate.

Board of Governors (2 positions available):
The Board of Governors manages the university's financial matters. They are responsible for the maintenance and construction of buildings, the appointment of staff and faculty and the establishment of faculties and departments based on the recommendations of the Senate. It determines all fees and student aid, administers university assets and approves the university budget.
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